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Energy Healer

Mary Pigeau: Igniting Souls with Passion and Purpose.

Negus Medhin:
A Symphony of Holistic Healing at Ignite Your Soul

Wendy Lavigne: Intuitive Empath, Medium, and Holistic Healer

Mary Pigeau, the resident healer and cherished owner of Ignite Your Soul Wellness Spa, shines brightly with a profound dedication to healing. She masterfully intertwines the art of Reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, and grounding. But what truly sets Mary apart is her unwavering commitment to lifting spirits and genuinely igniting souls, all while drawing inspiration from her rich Ojibway heritage.


Her personal journey as a survivor of addiction has not only fortified her resilience but has deepened her understanding of life's trials and the power of recovery. Drawing from this well of experience, Mary passionately seeks to uplift every individual she encounters, ensuring they leave feeling more grounded and connected to their true essence.

Introducing Negus Medhin, our esteemed Holistic Health Therapist at Ignite Your Soul. Negus's multifaceted expertise encompasses massage therapy, natural nutrition, and the unique dimension of sound therapy using African Caribbean drums & music.

A proud alumnus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Negus holds degrees in Kinesiology, Physical Health and Wellness, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education. His credentials further expand with specialized training in Registered Massage Therapy from Trillium College Oshawa, and he has mastered the arts of Shiatsu massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy from Transformational Arts College Toronto.

But that's not all; Negus is also a virtuoso of African-Caribbean music. As a Master drummer, singer, and performer, he weaves the rhythms of his heritage into workshops, classes, and tutorials, harmoniously blending healing with art.

At the helm of 'Holistic Vibrancy,' a revered holistic health and wellness company serving the Greater Toronto Area for over two decades, Negus continues his mission of enriching lives through holistic practices. At Ignite Your Soul, we are privileged to have him share his talents and services, inviting you to experience the unparalleled vibrancy he brings to holistic health and healing.

Wendy Lavigne has journeyed extensively through the spiritual and energetic realms, honing her ability to perceive the subtle nuances of the universe. A talented Intuitive Empath and Medium, she acts as a conduit between the visible and invisible worlds, aiding others in their quest for self-awareness. Wendy offers a diverse range of holistic services including readings, meditation, Reiki, and Yoga Nidra, all aimed at fostering a deep connection with one’s true self, nurturing the spirit, and unleashing inner potential. 


Embark on a transformative journey and rediscover your authentic essence with Wendy. On the educational front, Wendy boasts a Metaphysical Science degree from the University Sedona, complemented by an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University. She is a certified Interior Decorator with a focus on cultivating healthy living spaces and has recently earned a certification in The Applications of Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Toronto. Her studies at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England further solidify her credentials as a Psychic Medium. Wendy integrates her extensive education and experience in each of her services, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach tailored to your unique journey.

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