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Express Root

10 min formula and a blowout.

60 mins                   $50                       

Root & Style

Root retouch & style.
Roots need to be 1 inch or less to be considered a root retouch

90 mins                   $70                      

Full Colour

Root to end colour. 

120 mins                   $110                       

Colour with Partial Highlights

Base colour with up to 1/2 head of highlights.

2.5 hrs                  $145                       

Colour with Full Highlights

Base colour with a full head of highlights.

2.5 hrs                  $165                       

Partial Head of Highlights

1/2 - 3/4 head of highlights with no base colour. Includes a toner.

2.5 hrs                   $120                       

Full Head of Highlights 

Full Head of Highlights with no Base Colour. Includes a toner.

2.5 hrs                   $165                        

Money Piece 

Face framing highlight or colour, includes a blowout. Also called a peekaboo piece.

60 mins                   $30                    

Individual Foil

Single foil with custom placement. Up tp 10 pieces. 


60 mins               $8+                   

Hair Treatment Add On

This is an add-on for a colour or wash service
Treatments Available


15 mins               $15                

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