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Drift Away

Full body massage with hot stones, hot oil & essential oil.

Complimentary citrus back scrub with hot towel.
End your session with a soothing hand paraffin treatment & foot facial. 

60 mins for 1           $75             

60 mins for 2           $150            


This 1 hour service is designed for complete muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation. 

First, massage to target back, neck and shoulders. Eases stiff muscles and relieves tension. Includes citrus back scrub & hot towels. 

Next…give your skin an instant glow with our signature Diamond tip Microdermabrasion Facial. 

Facial includes:

  • Deep luxurious cleanse

  • Exfoliation 

  • Hydrating collagen face mask

  • Aromatherapy hot towels

  • Serum application & massage

  • Moisturizer, lip balm & SPF application. 

  • Foot massage: enjoy while basking in your collagen mask.  Eases pain and boosts your well-being.  

Ultimate Relaxation

Feel renewed and rejuvenated after you are pampered during the ultimate relaxation. 

Unwind with a hot oil back, neck and shoulder massage. Hot stones offer deepest relaxation. Complete with citrus back scrub and aromatherapy hot towels. 

Next for an instant glowing complexion our diamond tip microdermabrasion facial. 


  • Deep cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating collagen mask, hot towels, nourishing serum, moisturizer, hydrating lip balm and SPF. 

  • Hand & foot massage pamper and relieve tension. 

  • Hand paraffin hydrates your skin and cuticles. Heat therapy to soothes sore joints. 

75 mins for 2            $260           


Escape on a unique 2 hour luxury spa experience for your mind, muscles and skin. Perfect for those who love to be pampered.

First, a massage to target sore achy muscles. Focus is on shoulders, back & legs. Includes hot stones, citrus back scrub and hot towels. 

Next,  for an instant glowing complexion and skin rejuvenation. 

  • Luxury deep cleanse to clean and prep skin, neck and chest. 

  • Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion to exfoliate by remove dead skin, oil and dirt.

  • Hi frequency (micro current)

  • Hydrating collagen mask & hot towels

  • Nourishing serum face massage.

  • Peppermint head & neck massage will ease your mind and promote a tranquil mood. 

  • Hand massage with paraffin hydrates skin and cuticles. Heat therapy soothes sore muscles and joints.

  • Foot massage for further deep relaxation and pain relief. 

  • Finish with hydrating lip balm & SPF application.

120 mins for 2         $320            


Take a break with this massage and facial combo designed to relax your body and refresh your skin. 

Begin with deep relaxation and pain relief with a shoulder, neck and back massage. Enjoy an invigorating citrus back scrub and hot towels. 

Next, choose from either our Classic Facial or Microdermabrasion Facial.

Facial includes: 
Deep cleanse, exfoliation, hydrating collagen mask, hot towels, organic healing serum, hydrating lip balm, peppermint head massage and SPF application.   

Enjoy a charcuterie style snack box and beverage. 

90 mins for 1           $125            

90 mins for 2           $250            


Escape with an aromatherapy massage to balance your well-being and stimulate your senses.  Massage relaxes the tissue, increases blood and oxygen flow, and decreases pain.  Special massage techniques are used to further your relaxation experience, exfoliation with hot towels and citrus back scrub. 

Microdermabrasion facial with a volcanic facial (clay mask)  will re-mineralize your skin, detoxify, and draw away any impurities. Customized healing serums are massaged into your skin and finished with rich moisturizer hydrating lip balm & SPF. 

Refresh your toes with a foot facial complete with hot towels & salt scrub and a reflexology massage with hot stones will leave your feet feeling rested and restored. 

Includes light lunch and beverage.

3.5 hrs for 1           $225             

3.5 hrs for 2           $450             

The Getaway 

If a week long vacation isn’t in the cards, The Getaway is designed to whisk you away on a “day cation” and make every moment a unique experience. 

Begin your journey by unwinding with a hot stone massage to sooth tired sore muscles. 

Includes invigorating citrus back scrub and aromatherapy hot towels. 

Next a 6/1 Hydra facial to 

cleanse, exfoliate and infuse your skin with healing serums. Supercharge hydration under a rich collagen mask. 

Eye mask to relieve puffy tired eyes

Foot Facial will refresh’s  and renews your tired feet.  Includes: scrub, mask & hot towel reflexology massage. Paraffin wax to hydrate skin and soothe achy joints.  

Hydrating Hand Paraffin heat therapy soothes and hydrate’s your tired dry hands. 

Scalp nourishing peppermint aromatherapy head massage

Hair wash & style to return from your “daycation” glowing inside and out. 

Enjoy a charcuterie style snack box and beverages.

4 hrs for 1                $450         

4 hrs for 2                $900          

Tranquility 4 Us 

Relax with multiple friends or loved one (4 people total) in this premium spa package designed 
to unwind, melt away stress and refresh tired skin.

Enjoy a relaxation massage that targets neck, back and shoulders relieving achy muscles. Includes an invigorating salt scrub and hot towels. 
Leg and foot massage soothes tired restless limbs. Reduces swelling and promotes circulation.

Give your face an instant glow with our Diamond tip microdermabrasion facial. Cleans, exfoliates removes dirt and dead skin. 


Includes: hot towels, hydrating collagen mask, nourishing serum massage, rich moisturizer, hydrating lip balm & SPF. 

Enjoy beverages and snack box to go or in our private lounge. 

90 mins for 1          $125            

90 mins for 2           $250            

90 mins for 3           $375            

90 mins for 4           $500            

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