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Be Mine 💕

  • 1 hour
  • 143 Canadian dollars
  • 527 Kingston Road West, Ajax

Service Description

Embrace self-love or celebrate together with this Valentine's-themed spa package. In just one hour, this luxurious experience combines relaxation and rejuvenation. Begin with a calming back and neck massage, expertly easing tension, includes back scrub and hot towels, perfect for unwinding solo or syncing with your partner. Next our exclusive 24k Gold Microdermabrasion Facial, a lavish treatment that revitalizes your skin, leaving it radiant and youthful. This opulent facial not only pampers but also targets fine lines, bestowing a golden glow. Next, indulge in a soothing foot massage, an ideal way to relax. Our 'Be Mine' package is more than a spa visit; it's a celebration of love, be it for yourself or with someone special. Each session concludes with a thoughtful gift. Choose 'Be Mine' for an unforgettable experience, where every detail caters to your wellness and joy, alone or shared. Aftercare description After your 'Be Mine' spa experience, follow these simple aftercare tips to extend your relaxation and maximize the benefits: 1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help your body detoxify and keep your skin glowing. 2. Rest: Allow your body to relax post-treatment. Avoid strenuous activities for the rest of the day. 3. Skin Care: Post-facial, avoid touching your face and heavy makeup or skincare products with harsh chemicals for 24 hours. 4. Sun Protection:Your skin will be sensitive post-microdermabrasion. Use a gentle sunscreen if stepping out. 5. Savour the Moment: Keep the relaxation going. Avoid rushing back into a hectic routine. Remember, self-care doesn't end with the spa. Take these steps to continue feeling pampered and serene.

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