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Holistic Counselling

Transform your health and well-being with Holistic Health & Wellness Counselling, offered by Negus M

  • 1 h
  • From 60 Canadian dollars
  • 527 Kingston Road West, Ajax

Service Description

Transform your health and well-being with Holistic Health & Wellness Counselling, offered by Negus Medhin, a Holistic Health Therapist. With a comprehensive approach that encompasses physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects, this service provides you with the tools and guidance to optimize your overall health. Do you struggle with maintaining a nutritious diet or finding the right exercise routine? Are stress and anxiety taking a toll on your mental and emotional well-being? Do you long for a deeper spiritual connection? I understand how difficult it can be to navigate these challenges and that's why I'm here to help. Through this counselling service, you will gain valuable insights into natural nutrition diet planning, holistic fitness and exercise techniques like Yoga, Tai Qi, and breathing routines that promote relaxation and calm. I will also equip you with mental/emotional awareness and best processing practices to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to approach life with a greater sense of ease. Moreover, I will guide you in understanding and experiencing spiritual grounding and a profound sense of well-being through the best meditation practices. This journey towards holistic health and wellness will be tailored to your individual needs and can be conducted in weekly counselling sessions, whether online, in clinic, or at the comfort of your own home. With single sessions available at affordable rates, starting from $60 for a 30-minute session, you can take a step towards transforming your life today. Don't wait any longer to achieve your goals and experience overall well-being. Q1. How can Holistic Health & Wellness Counselling benefit me? A: This counselling service offers a holistic approach to enhance your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being, providing valuable insights and recommendations for optimal health. Q2. Will this service help me with my specific diet and exercise needs? A: Yes, I will assist you in developing a natural nutrition diet plan and offer guidance on holistic fitness and exercise, including practices like Yoga, Tai Qi, and breathing routines. Q3. Can this counselling service help me reduce stress and anxiety? A: Absolutely! I will provide you with mental/emotional awareness techniques and best processing practices to help reduce stress and anxiety, empowering you to achieve a greater sense of calm and balance.

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