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Tranquility Spa Package: Melt Stress, Refresh Skin, and Embrace Your Serene Escape.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 145 Canadian dollars
  • 527 Kingston Road West, Ajax

Service Description

Designed to whisk you away from the daily hustle into a realm of calm and restoration. Perfect for the seeker of rejuvenation, this package is a ticket to both physical relaxation and a radiant visage, helping you step out looking and feeling utterly refreshed. Embark on a soothing journey starting with a tender massage focusing on the neck, back, and shoulders, alleviating the aches of weary muscles. The massage is accentuated by an invigorating salt scrub and warm towels, opening pores and paving the way for deeper relaxation. Transition gently into a leg and foot massage, a balm for tired, restless limbs. This part of the journey not only eases the fatigue but also helps in reducing swelling and fostering better circulation, adding a sense of lightness and vigor. The final destination of your tranquil voyage is a face-reviving Diamond tip microdermabrasion facial. This treatment is your route to an instant facial refresh, cleansing and exfoliating away the impurities, dirt, and dead skin that hide your natural radiance. The Tranquility Spa Package is a comprehensive pamper session, enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth with hot towels, a hydrating collagen mask, and a nourishing serum massage. A rich moisturizer, hydrating lip balm, and SPF application are the cherries on top, ensuring you are nurtured from face to toe.

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